my story in a few words...


“ Tula’s, beauty, enormous talent and soul, all brought together in perfect harmony.

Her voice is like a lighthouse that illuminates the darkness of the world.”

“Caught my heart strings and hey presto, there’s a new kid on the block.

Absolutely fabulous in every way.”

Rising star, Tal Ben Ari, aka as TULA, came to the public’s eye back in 2006,

When her participation in the videos “Chanda Mama’” and “Lets Not Worry” with international project Playing for Change, became a huge viral hit, with millions of views on YouTube.

This marked the beginning of a successful and fruitful international career as a singer and performer.

Tula was born in Tel Aviv, to a half Yemenite, half polish family.Growing with these joined roots in the melting pot of the Israel and the Middle East would influence her music deeply in the years to come.

At the age of 21, Tula arrived to Barcelona, where she found a vibrant and eclectic musical scene. She started studying music in ” Taller de Music” school, while alongside she worked as a street musician. She collaborated with other musicians she met from all over the world and after a short while, a talk started around town about an Israeli singer with an angel’s voice.

Pretty soon she was approached with offers to join some of Barcelona’s most prominent bands of the Jazz and world music scène. Such as: Asikides, Moussakis, Man Ex Maqina, 08001, The duo project Skyland, and the Cuban A capella quartet, Gema 4. She performed and recorded with these groups all around the world, and developed an international reputation as a versatile, virtuoso singer, who can easily perform various genres of music with an enormous skill.After developing her reputation, Tula was approached with the famous international project, Playing for Change.

With PFC, she joined her voice to the union and peace through music. She collaborated on 2 albums and 3 DVD’s of “songs around the world.”

Tula toured all around the world and performed in some of the most prestige stages and festivals a musician can dream of.Among them were NY Lincoln center, JF Kennedy center in Washington, Glastonbury festival, La Carouselle du Louvre, Teatro De San Carlo in Napoli, Byron Blues Fest, The Jay Lenno’s late night show as well as hundreds of other festivals, in more than nine years of intensive touring.

With PFC she also won two prestigious Grammy awards in Brazil. And was hailed by magazines such as Rolling Stones.

In the last decade she shared the stage with some prominent artists including Robert Plant, India Arie, Keb Mo, John Densmore(the doors) , Tinariwein, Baba Mal, Ellis Hall, El Peret, Lucrecia and many more.

The success with PFC led to many other offers and opportunities. Including solo appearances with the Lyon Symphony, Ted talks and countless other collaborations and projects. However, for the past three years, Tula has intentionally decreased her touring, so she could focus more on her solo career.

Tula’s solo career started back in 2012, when she recorded her first solo album “Sheela”, with American producer Dave Bianchi. The album was released with What about Music label, and was a huge success. Following her debut album, Tula then recorded her second album, “Skyland”, together with Cuban singer and guitarist Mel Seme. This album, released in the same label continued Tula’s musical line, which combines Israeli folklore with Latin American and ladino influences.

Tula’s unique sound is derived from her deep roots as well as her deep immersion in the traditions of Latin American music. As well as her virtuosic ability as a singer, Tula has also mastered the guitar and the percussion as her secondary instruments. This incredible versatility allowed her to explore the different genres she created in, to their deepest levels.

In 2016 Tula moved back to Tel Aviv after 11 years abroad. In Tel Aviv Tula had immediately started collaborating with some of the countries most prominent world and jazz musicians, performing all around the country and collaborating abroad.

In 2016 Tula also started collaboration with electronic music producers such as the famous Juno Reactor (The Matrix soundtrack) and Haim Laroz (Zehava Ben) with their new project,LAZUZ, Tula is performing in some of the world’s biggest electronic music festivals.

Tula is now working on her second solo album, with which she planes to tour in 2018-2019 seasons.